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Birchwood will seek to provide opportunities to meet the needs of the learner using a holistic multi-agency approach, working with their family, community and society in a rapidly changing world.


Young people will leave as confident individuals, proud of what they have achieved, prepared for life and ready to play an active and constructive part in society.


This is our common goal for everyone that attends here.

Alternative Provision from Year 7 to Year 11

Birchwood is an alternative education provision that covers the Folkestone & Hythe District (South Kent) and is located in Folkestone. 


We accept pupils from Year 7 through to Year 11, placements with us can be short term ranging from 2 weeks through to 12 weeks.  Other pupils spend either the remainder or duration of their secondary education with us.  Usually Year 11 pupils will stay with is for the duration of the academic year.


For pupils that remain with us into Year 11, we support their transition to a suitable Post- 16 destination.  It is expected that these pupils will undertake external examinations/qualifications whilst with us.


All pupils placed with us here remain the responsibility of their ‘home school’ we work closely with these schools to ensure continuity of education.


We are also the local provision that accommodates pupils who require education on the 6th day of their exclusion from the local schools.


Our Management Committee is made up of the Head Teachers of the local schools

Our Vision

  • To offer access to a challenging GCSE curriculum with outcomes

  • To offer a high quality engaging learning experience that highlights the value and enjoyment of learning

  • To equip our students with the tools and understanding required in taking ownership of their emotional wellbeing, behaviours and social developments.

  • To have high expectations of our students in all circumstances.

  • To create a welcoming safe and supportive environment in which students and their families feel safe to explore new ways of working both with us and other agencies.


We will accomplish this by:


  • Delivering innovative and effective teaching and learning and always offering constructive advice and guidance for improvements.

  • Working in partnership with our partner and home schools to support pupils to ensure smooth transition during and after a referral to our School.

  • Standing by our key ethos that every day is a new day and that our students need as many chances as it takes to overcome their personal behaviour challenges through greater understanding of their own mental health and emotional wellbeing.

  • Offering exciting leadership and life experiences with our nurturing small steps approach to success in the next stage of each individuals journey.

Our Aims

We believe in helping young people develop the skills to be happy and safe in their learning enabling them to make better choices for their future. We support families to have the confidence to instil working together with agencies and us making a real difference to their lives.


We aim to advocate for our students throughout their journey, to provide bespoke solutions where required and offer a truly inclusive educational environment.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos is Learn, Believe, Achieve.  We have a holistic approach to education, each day is a fresh beginning.

Learn about what support we offer to parents and pupils in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Find out about our curriculum.

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Emma Easby - Safeguarding Lead

Bowen Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 4FP

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