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The table below offers an overview of the destination of students leaving Birchwood since 2018

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Birchwood works with CEIAG who support our young people with their Career choices.

Careers Advisor - Beth Liston
Careers Trip to UKC
Encouraging students to believe in their own potential

A trip took place recently to the University of Kent which the students thoroughly enjoyed!

The aim of the visit was to inspire students to strive for university.

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Destination information for pupils of Birchwood 2018 to 2021
Personalised Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

Birchwood’s intention is to support all pupils with high quality guidance that is tailored to their individual needs, interests and level of ability. We have high expectations of all pupils. 


  • All pupils are offered multiple opportunities to meet with the L6 qualified Careers Adviser to access personalised guidance. The focus is particularly on year 11 pupils due to their transition to post 16 education, but guidance is also regularly offered to pupils in lower years. 

  • Yr 11 pupils receive frequent support from the Careers Adviser– this includes individual support with post 16 applications, careers research, bursary applications, interview skills etc. Pupils are not limited to 1 meeting with the Careers Adviser. 

  • Telephone support is offered to pupils during times of absence/school holidays.  

  • The Careers Adviser often liaises with parents.  

  • Arrangements are in place for The Education People to come in and meet with individual pupils identified as ‘at risk of NEET’ by the Birchwood team. This early intervention enables TEP to build a relationship with pupils and, alongside Birchwood staff, reduce the risk of NEET.  

  • Notes are kept on each pupil detailing every meeting with the Careers Adviser and any contact/work that has been undertaken on their behalf.  

Yr 11 Leavers
  • Every pupil is contacted during the summer holidays (after results day) to discuss their results and ensure they have the information required to enrol with their chosen post 16 provider. The Careers Adviser will support with any issues at this point (this includes liaising with the college, advocating on behalf of pupils, helping them to seek alternative options etc).  

  • We continue to offer support to yr 11 leavers, as required. For example, if a pupil does not progress to their planned destination they are invited in to meet with the Careers Adviser for support searching/applying for other opportunities. This support is not limited and is bespoke to the individual pupil. 

  • The Careers Adviser meets with The Education People during term 1 to discuss all yr 11 leavers and arrange handover/additional support for pupils if required. 

Work Experience

​Birchwood offers work experience to pupils on an individual basis. These are independently risk assessed by an external agency before commencing.  

Careers Programme

​Pupils have accessed a range of activities during the last 3 years at Birchwood including: 

  • A local apprenticeship fair 

  • Access to the annual Kent Choices event 

  • Visit to local workplaces (e.g Broome Park Hotel)  

  • Talks from employers (Holiday Extras) 

  • A networking event with a number of local employers 

  • Workshops with The Young Animators 

  • Series of workshops with the Army – skills, team building etc.  

  • Work experience  

Activities that have taken place/are planned during the academic year 2021-2022 include:  

  • Regular meetings with the Careers Adviser 

  • Group sessions from the Department for Work & Pensions (Interview Skills, Digital Footprint) 

  • 1:1 meetings with The Education People 

  • A virtual talk/tour from a construction company 

  • A talk from ASK on apprenticeships 

  • Yr 11 pupils access an employability qualification 

  • Work experience (individual basis) 

  • Visit to local college 

  • Talk from an employee on working for airlines/travel industry 


We measure the impact of the careers programme using the Compass evaluation tool: