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Help & Support

Our Ethos is Learn, Believe, Achieve.  We have a holistic approach to education, each day is a fresh beginning.

Key Stage 3 Support
Multi-Agency Approach

Our Key Stage 3 provision offers respite placements for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 who have experienced difficulties in their mainstream setting and are at risk of permanent exclusion. We aim to reintegrate pupils back into a mainstream School as soon as possible; the average length of stay for a pupil is between 6 – 12 weeks although some Key Stage 3 pupils will remain at Birchwood and transition into Key Stage 4 to complete their education with us.

During their stay at Birchwood we aim to support:

  • develop learners’ educational and personal potential in a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment

  • make good progress in learning to prepare learners for successful reintegration with an appropriate school

  • develop learners’ personal integrity, self - esteem, and resilience

  • work in partnership with parents, carers and agencies in the development and delivery of strategies to support attitudes to learning

Here at Birchwood we have a multi-agency approach to support the needs of all our young people.  We work closely with the below mentioned external agencies.


  • Early Help

  • Specialist Children’s Services

  • Police

  • Positive Choices

  • Kent County Council – Area Education Offices

  • Children and Young Peoples Mental Health Service (CYPMHS)

  • CHATTS ( Children & Adults counselling services)

  • VSK (Virtual Schools Kent for CiC)

  • Referrals to all other relevant agencies will be completed as required.

Key Stage 4 Support
6th Day Provision

For some students, a more longer term solution is the key to their success. Some pupils may remain for a longer period until their next steps have been identified.  Usually Year 11 pupils will stay with is for the duration of the academic year.


For pupils that remain with us into Year 11, we support their transition to a suitable Post- 16 destination.  It is expected that these pupils will undertake external examinations/qualifications whilst with us.

We are also the local provision that accommodates pupils who require education on the 6th day of their exclusion from the local schools.


Pupils that attend here are expected to attend in the full school uniform of their school.  They will also need a packed lunch for each day that they are here (unless they are in receipt of Free School Meals).  Pupils will complete work set by us, they are expected to follow the rules of Birchwood

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